Volunteers are a welcome and valuable asset to the Sparkes Homes to develop the girl’s social and English language skills.

Girls usually come as a pair and spend 2 – 3 weeks in one or two homes. They help the girls with their early morning domestic chores, they may accompany them (walking or on bicycles) to school and during the afternoon they play games, help with home work and generally interact in English.

Volunteers are a welcome and valuable asset to the Sparkes Homes
Volunteers with the girls from Sparkes Home

This a report from a volunteer in 2017:

I spent just under 3 weeks with the lovely girls in Sparkes Home Kalmunai. From day one they made my job so easy! They were always so full of energy, excitement and love. Teaching them English was not only incredibly rewarding, as they are all such fast and keen learners, but also a lot of fun as they were all enthusiastic participators in the learning games we would play. The girls also attempted to teach me a bit of Tamil, of which I tried and failed to grasp! Our daily activities included playing cricket, throwing water balloons, drawing with chalk, singing songs, playing cards, doing jump rope and sticking stickers on absolutely everything, which the girls never got tired of! Everyone in Kalmunai made my stay there so amazing and it was so great to see that a few weeks of entertainment and games made the girls so happy. They all have so much love in their hearts and I will certainly never forget the relationships I made with the girls in such a short period. Saying goodbye was very hard and admittedly a few tears were shed. Thank you to everyone in Kalmunai and I really hope to return in the future.

As Sri Lanka becomes increasingly popular as a holiday destination, we welcome visitors and volunteers. Please contact us if either option is of interest to you or a member of your family.